Tuesday, January 24, 2012

15 Semi-serious Predictions for the 2012 MLB season

With Prince Fielder signing today, the last (and most obese) domino to fall in the off-season, I'd like to make a few ridiculously genius predictions.

1. Freddie Freeman will be the best first baseman in the NL, eat your heart out Gaby Sanchez and Joey Votto.

2. Tony LaRussa will ruin the All-Star game by making 13 pitching changes. This time it counts!

3. Steve and Jon won't be able to name 4 Astro players.

4. The AL will win more than 60% of games against the NL, and an NL team with a weak interleague schedule will make the playoffs because of an unbalanced schedule.

5. Ozzie Guillen will do something incredibly stupid and hilarious by the end of April (I know, I know it happens every year it's not a real prediction).

6. The Indians will finish second in the AL Central. The Angels won't make the playoffs.

7. Ryan Braun will serve his suspension, take his lumps, and continue being an incredible player.

8. Tim McCarver will take his craft more seriously after winning the Ford Frick award for broadcasting excellence and learn all the players' first and last names.

9. Every team in the NL West will finish with 75-90 wins and the Giants will win in the last week of the season.

10. A controversial missed call will prompt Major League Baseball to expand instant replay to every facet of the game possible.

11. The Rays with their razor thin margin for error will face an injury setback they can't overcome and miss the playoffs.

12. Jason Heyward will bounce back and make the All-Star team.

13. This blog will go mainstream, but a bidding war between FanGraphs and Espn.com will divide the founders and like a tripod with only two legs, we will fall.

14. Bryce Harper will play in the Major Leagues before Jamie Moyer.

15. The Braves will take advantage of a decaying Phillies lineup and win the World Series. Jair Jurrjens will win 7 playoff games because he's SO good.

Freebie: 16. Jon and Steve will hate me for writing this ;)