Friday, March 30, 2012

MLB Preview (Part 3): NL West

Is the NL West the worst division in baseball? It's that or the AL Central, and the latter at least has a presumable juggernaut in the Tigers (what with Verlander and Cabrera and Fielder and co.). There might not be one "good" team in the NL West. The Giants can't hit. The Rockies can't put it together. No one seems to think the Diamondbacks are real. The Padres and Dodgers are the Padres and Dodgers. 

Check below for our predictions team-by-team followed by who we think will win the division. It might surprise you. Or not. Don't care, just read:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MLB Preview (Part 2): NL East

Having covered the NL Central yesterday, we now present our predictions for the NL East. I forgot to include in yesterday's post, but all over/under numbers are from

Without further ado:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Year With The Gentleman Tony Plush

One year ago today, the Milwaukee Brewers traded for a talented but troubled outfielder named Nyjer Morgan. A mercurial player who had flashed glimmers of talent in every aspect of the game but power, I knew Morgan almost exclusively from a week-long stretch of near insanity that saw him throw a ball at a fan, truck a catcher who didn't even have the ball on a "play" at the plate, and set off an absurd brawl between the Marlins and Nationals (see the video in this article). Shut down for the end of the 2010 season, his future on the Nationals was in doubt. On March 23, 2011, it became official as the Nationals decided to bench Morgan in favor of perennial reclamation project Rick Ankiel. For all we knew, that was the end of the crazy and wonderful Nyjer Morgan experience.
Nyjer Morgan in an Elvis wig? Sure.

MLB Preview: NL Central

Here at The Whole 42 Minutes HQ (also known as group g-chat), we love discussing baseball over-unders and making mostly unsubstantiated predictions about them. We've decided to share those with you, division by division. Consider this our long-winded gift to you. At the end of each post, we'll tell you our predictions for division winner. 

Up first, the NL Central:

Octavio Dotel: A Ramblin' Guy

Octavio Dotel's been tryin' to make a living and doin' the best he can for the past 14 years. And when he makes his first appearance of the regular season, he will have played for more teams (13) than any other player in Major League history. In 14 years. Dotel may as well have been born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus rolling down Highway 41. Am I right, fellas?

But what makes someone this susceptible to changing teams? Why is Dotel the person to hold this record? What makes it so easy for teams to part with him, and for other teams to take him on?