Friday, May 18, 2012

NBA: National Blerd Association

There has been a trend the past few years in the NBA. When players are dressed in something other than their uniforms, they often dress like nerds. And because it's the NBA, they're often dressed like blerds. Perfect example: Russell Westbrook.

Sticking in Oklahoma City, here's KD at a press conference.
This has become sort of one of his signature moves. How you gonna clip the clip?

I think this came about when David Stern enforced a dress code in 2005 for players before and after games and during games when they're not active. Can't have the players looking GHETTO for our young fans! Everyone knows guns don't kill people, do-rags kill people!

Obviously David Stern is a racist douchebag. So I think the blerd movement happened as a reaction to that. I think NBA players are making a joke out of how racist this is. D-Wade is one of the biggest proponents of the blerd look.
The yellow vest really puts it over the top.

So keep fighting the power, NBA players!

David Stern is just plain terrible.

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