Friday, June 22, 2012

How Did Our Preview Hold Up?

Back on April 30th we did an NBA playoffs preview. Here's how we stacked up at the end of things.

I went back and looked at which team each blogger chose to win each series. Each first round series was worth 1 point, second round was worth 2, third round was worth 4 and the Finals were worth 8, meaning each blogger had a total of 32 points in play. Let's see who won and who is the most talented, best analyst, best looking, and has the swingingest dick of all of us here at TW42M.

Sean "I think the Lakers are going to the Finals" Petterson: 23
Jon "I think the Grizzlies are gonna beat the Spurs again" Muchin: 27
Steve "That Man": 30 (!!!!!!!!)

Huh. Interesting. Looks like Brown Bear riggity ROLLED SON!

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