Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Look So Dumb Right Now

Last night, the Thunder overcame an 18 point halftime deficit and vanquished the #1 seed Spurs. I made the classic Jules and Vincent mistake of sucking the Spurs dick before they'd accomplished anything and I'm sorry. Thunder fans and haters in general please feel free to quote Rihanna's classic line, "you look so dumb right now." Thunder, take a bow. The Thunder upped their assist rate (last during the season), lowered their turnover rate (again last during the season), and got their role players, namely Perkins and Ibaka into the game offensively. Scott Brooks didn't outcoach Popovich but he held his own and that was a win for the Thunder. The Thunder played out of their goddamn minds for four straight games and beat a great Spurs team.

Just last season in the conference finals, Kevin Durant couldn't even get the ball in the Thunder's offense. I asked the semi-serious question "Do they have plays?" at least a dozen times. Now, not only was Durant getting the ball inside the lane, but he was controlling the game. James Harden made a huge improvement to his game and showed in game five with his stepback three that he has Cassellian testicles. Russell Westbrook might have the stupidest outfits in the NBA but he is an athletic freak with all the confidence in the world. The Thunder are going 91 Bulls on us and I'm shocked. I honestly thought they were at least another year away. I believed the old guard, the Mavs, Lakers, and Spurs, would be able to hold them off. I feel so dumb right now. The Western conference seemed like a muddled picture before the playoffs with several teams capable of making runs, but now the Durant-Westbrook-Harden Thunder will be the favorites for next year and for the next ten years.

Looking back on this series, I don't think the Spurs could have played better. They won the first two games pretty easily and showed up to the play for the next four. The Thunder just played better for four straight games. Unlike the Heat series, where you can see the Heat jogging back on defense as Van Gundy shrieks, the Spurs tried their hardest and played their best. And the scariest thing was that it didn't matter. The Thunder overcame an 18 point deficit in what seemed like two seconds and it didn't even look hard. I've been sleeping on the Thunder all season and that stops now. Congratulations OKC, you balled out this season and this playoffs. Take a bow.

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