Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trend That Needs To Stop: Trend Pieces About NBA Blerds

We here at The Whole 42 Minutes would like to think that we kicked off the recent craze of writing about NBA players' dorky sartorial choices  when Steve wrote his epochal National Blerd Association. Basketball players, who used to dress like thugs until paternalistic and image-conscious David Stern imposed a dress code, now dress like nerdy hipsters. We get it. It's a strange image, especially with a world class athlete like Kevin Durant choosing to 1. wear a backpack and 2. clip the clip.

But seriously, enough is enough.

Steve Rushin at SI has weighed in.

Bill Simmons has weighed in numerous times on his podcast and Grantland covers the fashions of Westbrook, Durant et al pretty much daily.

(Let's not forget Nick "Swaggy P" Young.)

Even the NYTimes led off an article about Westbrook with a nod to his lensless frames.

Yes that Times article pre-dates ours, but so what? I'm giving Steve the credit as the tipping point for this. Since we lent our coverage, it's now a trend to write trend pieces about dorky NBA fashion. And while we're flattered that the national media has followed our lead, I think it's about played out.

Instead, let's get back to pretending that this series is a referendum on whether Durant is better than LeBron, instead of whose team is better. As we all know, Chauncey Billups was better than Kobe Bryant in 2004.

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