Monday, July 23, 2012

I Watched UFC And It Bored The Stuffing Out Of Me

Last night, I sat down and watched four UFC fights right in a row. This was the first time I had ever devoted any real attention to professional MMA. Jesus it was boring.

Granted, I can reasonably say that this was probably atypically boring by UFC standards. The (apparently) highly anticipated heavyweight bout between Tim Boetsch and Hector Lombard garnered boos from a disappointed Calgary crowd, with Boetsch winning in a seemingly arbitrary split decision. The two fights before that (Head vs. Ebersole and Kongo vs. Jordan) were equally boring, featuring big, sweaty, shiny guys kind of wrestling each other and nothing really happening. It was just basically rope-a-dope from start to finish with no sweet knockout at the end. The main event, Barao vs. Faber, apparently was a pretty okay fight, but I certainly couldn't tell. It was boring as hell.

Dana White, president of UFC, said that he was "embarrassed" by the lackluster performances of the main card bouts. Apparently, there were shades of the disastrous UFC 33 in last night's main card. So I know that I shouldn't judge UFC MMA as a sport based on last night's fights. But UFC had a decent chance to make a fan out of me, and they blew it.

Are you ever searching through radio stations when you're in the car (or wherever you listen to the radio) and you come across a station where no sound is coming out? It's just silent for like...the 4 whole seconds you have the dial on that station? It's probably just a tiny awkward pause in the programming that would make sense had you tuned in 2 seconds earlier, but if you hear that silence at just the wrong time, and that's all you hear, you're not going to listen to that station. That's what I felt like with UFC 149. I just happened to be at a place where people were watching it, I gave it a real shot expecting something at least exciting, and there was silence on the radio station. Nothing happened.

I figured I might be turned off to UFC because it was too violent or something. I never thought I'd be turned off because it was boring. Dudes just sort of bounced around and occasionally tried to hit each other. It was dumb. Maybe some day I'll give UFC another shot, but after last night, I'm not eager to do so. And that's perhaps more my fault than UFC's, but what can I say? I watched the product that they put out. The fact that it's 'usually not that bad' doesn't change the fact that it's my only exposure to UFC. It's a sport that's actually predicated on excitement (or perhaps, more accurately, awesomeness), and it was balls boring.

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