Monday, July 2, 2012

What I'm Mad About Today

Today I come to you a broken man. I'm crushed. Actually, it's worse than that. I'm despondent, and the great sport of track is to blame. 

I only even pretend to care about track and field events come Olympics time, and even for the Olympics track is pretty low down on my list of sports to follow (diving and gymnastics are my favorites). The sport caught my interest last week though with the insane drama of the women's 100-meter dash, where two women finished in a dead heat for the last qualifying spot on the Olympic team. The whole thing was beyond awesome - Jeneba Tarmoh thought she had come in third (only the top three finishers go to the Olympics) and was even given a medal before the judge who awarded her the victory CHALLENGED HIS OWN RULING. Ultimately the ruling body decided that it was inconclusive, and that she had tied Allyson Felix for third place. Which meant either a coin-flip would decide who goes to the Games or...

A MOTHERFUCKING RUN-OFF! Literally, the most exciting thing I could think of to happen in a track and field event. I don't give a shit if Usain Bolt runs faster than a horse. He'd just be a dude that runs really fast while other guys chase him, also going really fast. But a two-person race to decide who goes to the Olympics? I'm fucking sold. I'm making popcorn. I'm blasting "Welcome to the Jungle." I'D FUCKING LIVE-TWEET THAT SHIT (if I tweeted). Sure it would also be over in under 12 seconds (paging Rick Pitino), but imagine the drama. Wo-mano a wo-mano. I was over the moon that both racers decided to race again.

Which made today's news such a punch to the gut. See this statement, from Ms. Tarmoh:

"I Jeneba Tarmoh have decided to decline my 3rd place position in the 100m dash to Allyson Felix, I understand that with this decision I am no longer running the 100m dash in the Olympic Games and will be an alternate for the event. As an alternate I understand that I will be asked to run if another 100m runner decides not to for personal reasons, and/or on the 4x100m relay."

Bitch move, Jeneba. Bitch move.

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