Monday, August 6, 2012

The Boys of Summer Live Text USA-Argentina

The three of us all found ourselves watching the USA-Argentina game this afternoon which meant one thing: live text it for the blog. The transcript below has been edited for spelling and context.

Jon: NBC graphics have Ginobili by his full name Emanuel. Hilarious.

Sean: FIBA should fire all of their refs at halftime of this game.
Or just put on Argentina jerseys.

Jon: This is a gdj [god damn joke].

Sean: Iguodala dunked and they actually didn't see that it went through the hoop

Steve: I'm switching to Family Guy [ed. note: luckily for us he didn't. Also this is an embarrassing text]

Sean: Kobe is embarrassing himself

Steve: He's so much worse than everyone else.
It also hurts to root for Kobe over Manu.

Sean: He has an NBA game. It's easy to root against foreigners those smelly pieces of shit taking American jobs [ed. note: jk jk].

Jon: When Manu flops on Kobe I'm okay with it.

Sean: Sometimes I love Ginobili for his crafty moves but mostly I hope someone breaks his nose into four pieces after a flop.

Steve: Kobe, never touch the ball again.

Sean: Our second team is pathetic. Deron Williams is terrible, Love is pathetic.

Jon: Let's just miss all the dunks.

Steve: Yeah I mean it's easy to root for Kobe but I don't like it. Also D-Will and Kobe are GD terrible Kobe can't not turn it over.

Sean: Suck my dick world--Durant.
KLove, Melo, Williams, and Love in at the same time makes you think that Coach K bet on the over.

Jon: Grit your teeth and pretend you like it--Kobe.

Steve: Throw more elbows you European pieces of shit...we're playing bad, the refs are cheating and we're still cock slapping.

Sean: I'm watching the British feed they are clowning Kobe.

Steve: Chandler foul trouble is a death sentence for big men 92 team rolls.
Have fun with Ben Gordon, Brits...Kobe is 8000x the player you've ever produced.
Don't fucking say Luol Deng he's an African and everyone knows it.

Jon: Yeah I'm upset at the British. We get to hate on Kobe. Everyone else can suck it.

Sean: Refs are horrible if the two teams [2012 and 1992] played all the bigs would foul out.

Steve: Klove is turrrible.

Sean: He [Love] is Shareef Abdur Raheem with rebounds.
Tyson use that fifth to kill them all.

Steve: Obama nuke them.


Steve: Show the gd replay.

Sean: Doubtful.
NBC doesn't get sports.

Steve: You punch a team USA player you die this ain't no KG Channing Frye situation.

Sean: Iguodala is a beast he'd destroy anyone.

Steve: This ain't Regis and Kelly.

Sean: We are winning by 36 I'm calling it.



Sean: Westbrook got a T for being too good.
Boo boo bee bo FIBA doesn't like American players.

Are we fucking serious FIBA?

Sean: British announcers just said Coach K won't get calls like he does in the ACC.

Jon: I just saw the dunk. JESUS.

Steve: Win by 50 against the "threat" of Argentina.

Sean: When Iguodala is shooting 3s you know the game is over.

Steve: Unibrow should just jack up 3s as a fuck you.

Sean: Davis>Love for this team.
Announcer just said he was distracted by Davis' eyebrow.

Jon: We all are.

Sean: You miss Delfino for your Bucks?

Steve: I got Doug Collins announcing on NBC Sports Net.

Sean: How many towels you need for your hero [Doug Collins]

Jon: I got no announcer online. It's great but I'm behind.

Sean: CP3 is like yeah let me dribble for 15 seconds but really it's going to be a three in your eye at the buzzer.
Davis is getting a wedgie after the game for missing that.

Steve: Mad towels for DC best announcer in basketball other than Heinsohn.

Sean: Hell no we won't let the shot clock run out.

Steve: Melo kill Campazo if you're a man.

Sean: Can't wait for Australia oh no Patrick Mills.

Jon: Fuck off, world.

Steve: We just beat a team that's gonna medal by 29.

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  1. We missed an obvious Davis Love III joke. It's out there somewhere.