Friday, August 17, 2012

YCPB So Stop Being Surprised

YCPB, or you can't predict baseball, is an acronym people living in their mothers' basements love to throw around when talking about the craziness of a baseball season, and they are right. Every single season something weird happens: the Rays make the World Series, the Braves and Red Sox collapse, Tim Lincecum becomes the worst pitcher in the National League. This shit happens in some form or another every single year. As a baseball fan, I am confident that each season, some team that no one predicted will do well (the Orioles), and some team everyone though would dominate will suck (the Red Sox). This isn't a new crazy thing, it's a god damn fact of life when it comes to baseball.

Despite this common fucking knowledge, knowledge so common that there's an acronym for it, baseball writers love to write columns or tweet things like: if the season ended today the Orioles would make the playoffs. I can read the fucking standings and it's August 17. Weird things happen in baseball: Juan Pierre has a better season than Justin Upton, boo boo bee boo we get it. So stop it, national baseball writers, just stop it. Think of something creative to write that's not just the things we didn't expect to happen are happening; it's lazy and boring. You can't predict baseball but you can predict that shitty writers will be shitty.

Derp baseball is unpredictable!


  1. I just google image searched "hangdog" hoping to find Tim Kurkjian. I got this instead:

    Close enough.

    1. There were a lot of words on the page so I only looked at the pictures, but that's awesome