Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No, Seriously I'm Done Watching Football

A day later I still don't have words to describe how pissed off I am about last night's game. The Packers put the game away with 5 minutes left with an interception at the Seattle 30, but that was wiped away on a terrible roughing the passer call. Later that drive, they put it away when an obvious offensive pass interference on 1st and 25 was instead given as defensive pass interference 30 yards downfield. And they definitely put the game away because THEY INTERCEPTED THE LAST PASS AND ACTUALLY WON THE GAME. Don't believe me?

There. Who has the fucking ball?

I know regular refs make the wrong call all the time, but I sincerely believe that these refs were just worried about a riot in Seattle so called that Seattle's way. All our fears about them not having control were totally confirmed for me. This game was a joke, and if level headed Mike Tirico can just openly say that a team got jobbed (on Goodell and ownership dick-sucking ESPN of all places) then your league is a travesty. Sure Gary Bettman and the NHL are about to go through a second major labor stoppage in the past 5 years but I'd take Bettman's staggering incompetence over Goodell's dictatorial mendacity.

I've made the point a bunch of times on this blog that I hate many things Goodell does -- re: Saints, player safety rules, that bullshit salary cap thing with the Cowboys and Redskins -- but that I'm an idiot who'll just keep watching. Well, he finally did it. Until the regular refs are back I'm not watching a second of the action. When they are, I'll reevaluate. The NFL clearly doesn't care about its fans, so I don't know if I should care about the sport.


  1. Also, and I know how stupid it is to comment on my own posts, the NFL should just award the game to the Packers. I don't understand why they can't admit that the refs made the wrong call, especially in this situation where there would be no more football upon reversing it. The Packers won the game and there should be no question about that (and I understand that this is prejudicing calls the come right at the end of the game over a bevy of other stunningly bad calls) but the NFL has to kowtow to these fucking officials.

    A few other thoughts:

    Mike McCarthy just got royally screwed out of a game and yet if he said anything negative about the officiating he would have been fined 100K or more.

    Players should threaten not to play, especially because there's a pretty good argument that these refs are not helping keep players safe.

    Fuck Roger Goodell.

  2. Oh yeah and Golden Tate literally shoved Tramon Williams to the ground on that last play. I know that often doesn't get called on a Hail Mary but I've never seen OPI that overt.

    Okay, I'll try and be done now.

  3. The Packers coming back on the field and taking the high road during all the press conferences is shockingly impressive. McCarthy and Rodgers are better people than me for biting their tongues. I know a lot of current and former Packers complained on Twitter but it didn't seem any worse (with the exception of T.J. Lang) than anything uninvolved NFL players were saying. The players should walk off the field after the national anthem Thursday night to make a point about their safety, the integrity of the game, and stick it to a dictator who doesn't care about them or the product of the NFL at all.

    1. Now I know I've been on a little football hiatus over the past few years. After decades of football being in my life, I've had a lot of time to rest, relax, and contemplate. I haven't even watched a game of football since retiring. But when I found myself on that Orbitz.com comparing airfares, it's like I woke up from being a vegatable! And not just any vegetable, cabbage. Nobody likes cabbage. I don't even think cabbage likes cabbage! I mean under no circumstances should anybody like cabbage, unless of course Brett Favre was cabbage, then I'd have to rethink it.

      But when I woke up from my coma, I found myself watching the packers seahawks on Monday night thinking I'd catch Brett Favre. Not only was he no where to be seen, which should be concerning to everyone, but my good friend Ed Hochuli was either kidnapped by domestic terrorists or Roger Goodell.

      Now I don't know whether I was watching the right game because I caught myself flipping between Monday Night Football and Kindergarten Cop and I might be mixing the plots up.

      But watching those referees was like trying to make a turducken, and putting a turkey inside the chicken inside the duck. It's completely backwards, upside down, inside out, roundabout, downside rightside, onefish two fish red fish blue fish!

      It was like watching Arnold Schwarzenneger trying to catch a drug dealer and then finding out he has a passion for teaching kindergarteners! And when you have a body building governor trying to teach kindergarteners you're gonna have a lot of confused kids. Some might end up buying their power tools at sears when they should be going to Ace Hardware!

      Everyone's talking about this simultaneous catch rule, and the only rule I know is that if you get Athletes Foot, you'll be benched! Unless you got Tough Actin Tinactin! Boom! It cures athletes foot!

      And when you have two refs watching the catch and they make simultaneous calls about a simultaneous catch you get tongue tied, shoe tied, and tie dyed!

      The NFL needs to come out and say when push comes to shove, and football comes to boomerangs, I'd take applebees over Outback Steakhouse when a rooster can't find the sun!

      --John Madden

    2. This is brilliant. Thank you, good sir.