Sunday, September 16, 2012

Survivor Pool Week 2

Sorry there hasn't been much to report on your favorite blog lately, loyal readers. Steve started a new job and Sean started law school, so it's been a very busy time for all of us. Expect your favorite bloggers to resume at a relatively normal (though maybe somewhat slowed) pace very soon. This blog will never die as long as our fans keep it alive. So it'll last forever.

On to week 2 of our survivor picks. Let's go over the records after week 1:
Sean: 2-0
Jon: 1-1
Steve: 2-0

No real reason for anyone to have a loss yet, so this is what we expected. Everyone was perfect after week 1. Oh what's that? Jon picked a loss in the first GD week? Jesus. Here's what we're picking for Week 2 of the NFL season yayyyy!!!!!!!!

Sean: I'm taking the easy road out this week. I'm going with New England. The Patriots are smug, cheating pieces of shit led by a ridiculous human being who is considered a genius but in reality hasn't won shit since he got caught cheating. At least Tom Brady is "the toughest metrosexual" that Wes Welker's ever met. Kevin Kolb is fucking awful also.

I'll also take the Giants. This is my second least favorite team but I'll wait to rant about them for another week. They aren't that good, but they aren't so bad that they are going 0-2.

Jon: I fully admit that I suck at this, and these matchups are difficult because we don't know much about these teams and it seems a lot of the above average teams are pitted against one another. I'll start with New England because Arizona is balls terrible and Kevin Kolb has in his life been benched for John Skelton (as in last week).

I'll also take Oakland because Ryan Tannehill and Reggie Bush both start for the Dolphins. Carson Palmer and Darren McFadden are both at least competent. Another 1-1 week for me!!!!!!

Steve: There are a lot of matchups this week that are good teams vs. good teams and bad teams vs. bad teams. That makes these picks a bit harder. Luckily a few teams are just SO bad that it's a decent pick to go against them no matter who they're playing. One such team is the St. Louis Rams, so I'm going to go ahead and pick the Washington Redskins to beat them this week. RGThrizzle balled out last week and I hope he turns out to be better than Andrew Luck. I hope this more than I can express.

The other lowliest team in the world is Jacksonville, but they're playing the Texans this week, and I already picked them. Instead of picking on them, I'll pick on the Cleveland Browns and choose the Cincinnati Bengals to win this week. The Bengals could be in the playoff picture (so some idiot experts say), and at worst they'll be like a 6-win team. They can beat the Browns and their AARP rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden who's ri-goddamn-terrible.

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