Saturday, September 22, 2012

Survivor Pool Week 3

We are continuing to do the damn thang with this survivor pool going a collective 12-0 through the first two weeks. What's that? None of us are undefeated after 2 weeks, holy shit we are bad at this. We made this same joke last week? Holy shit we are bad at writing also.

Real gs move in silence like lasagna
Week 2 Standings:
Sean: 3-1
Steve: 3-1
Jon: 1-3

Sean: Picking teams that you know are solid seems like the safe bet (unless Tom Brady is too busy filming commercials to beat the Cardinals) so I'll stick with it again this week. The Bears are at home against St. Louis with an additional three days of rest making this a lock. The Rams beat the Redskins last week but I still don't think they are any good.

The Saints are definitely worse than they were last season, especially on defense, but they are still better than the Chiefs, especially at home. If they do lose this game they have to fire their permanent substitute teacher, right? Sean Payton might actually be really good at coaching I guess.

Jon: I'm now 1-3 on the season, with my one correctly predicted win coming in overtime when Minnesota outlasted the immortal Blaine Gabbert. Since I fully admit that I suck at this, I'm gonna go safe for right now, or what I presume to be safe. Mark my words: I will be wrong about something.

Last week, I foolishly picked the Raiders to beat the Dolphins, and Oakland got trounced by Ryan Tannehill and Reggie Bush. Pittsburgh is better than Miami. Ergo, they will beat the Raiders this week.

I also have a hard time believing the Saints can go 0-3 to start the year, especially when they get to play Kansas City this week. It'll probably be closer than it should be, and Matt Cassell will probably look good against this atrocious Saints defense, but I expect the Saints to prevail. Something like 38-31 seems possible (of course, now that I've written that they'll lose 17-10).

Steve: How did the Redskins let me down last week? They had that game LOCKED UP. I'm so mad at them. I should be undefeated. Sean should be too. The Patriots obviously suck.

This Jaguars-Colts matchup is too good of an opportunity to pass up picking. I'm going to have to pick each of these teams once this year, and I don't ever want to pick either. So I gotta pick one when they're actually playing each other. I'm going with the Jacksonville Jones-Drews.

I'm tempted to go Rams over Bears just because I think the Bears' offense is just that bad, but since the Bears are coming off a Thursday game and have more time to prepare, I wouldn't be so foolish. I'm gonna go with Buffalo taking care of the Browns. Week 1 is often the weirdest week of the season, and I don't think we should read very much at all into the Bills getting demolished by the Jets. This is an okay team going up against a balls terrible team.


  1. I really, really, really suck at this.

    1. Hey you might still get that Pitt win at least

    2. I picked MIA as my upset pick this week... damn Carpenter