Saturday, October 13, 2012

Survivor Pool Week 6

So we had to skip a week of suicide picks during the season some time, so I guess last week was the week. We were overloaded with baseball last week...couldn't deal with football. So we're back, and we'll be doing every week from now on. Here are our records:

Sean: 6-2
Jon: 3-5
Steve: 6-2

On to our picks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean: The Cardinals over the Bills at home. People are freaking the fuck out about the NFC West this season and I think it is largely because of just how pathetic this division was the past few seasons. The quarterbacks in this division are still Russell Wilson, Kevin Kolb, Sam Bradford, and Alex Smith. I mean come on, that's really the best division in the NFC? I know that these teams play good defense but improving doesn't mean you are great. The Bills, however, are so terrible every single season that it isn't even funny. 

The Falcons are a safe pick here. My strategy is to get into first place before I have to start picking crappy teams like the Browns and Buccaneers and fall off. Don't worry, those weeks when I'm in first will be glorious. Carson Palmer is the proud father of the shitty USC players in the NFL. You just know he has barbecues with Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith, Mark Sanchez, and Lendale White. Derp a derp remember when we got paid and were legends, too bad the NFL is tougher than the Pac-10.

Jon: Well after 3 weeks of terribleness I finally went 2-0 with the strategy of picking really good teams (which I'm sure will come back to bite me in the ass at some point later this year). I'm going away from this strategy and taking the Lions over the Eagles. The Eagles are a terrible 3-2, I think this is the week Vick finally loses a limb, and I feel like there's no way the Lions end up 1-4.

I'll also take the Broncos over the Chargers. This is the start of something good for Peyton Manning (until he starts playing good teams again in like 6 weeks), and I really really really don't believe in Norv, Rivers and the Chargers.

Steve: Miami Dolphins over St. Louis Rams. The Dolphins are at home, and they seem to be coming into their own a little bit. The Rams certainly are too, but I just like Miami at home. Okay? Okay.

I also got the Buccaneers at home against the Chiefs. The Bucs are coming off a bye week, they're at home, and they're playing a team that is the opposite of not ungood. Schiano-sanity.

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