Sunday, October 21, 2012

Survivor Pool Week 7

Guys, I know this post is all about football picks, but I feel the need to point out that basketball is back in less than two weeks.

Yeah, I'm excited.

Sean: 7-3
Jon: 5-5
Steve: 8-2

Our picks.

Jon: Well, I've picked correctly the last two weeks, so that's nice. Doesn't make me un-terrible at picks, but at least I'm back at .500 again. Which I fully admit is terrible. To getting back below .500 again this week!

I don't think I'll have many chances to take the Colts this year, and they're playing the Browns who finally got off the schneid in the geriatric Brandon Weeden era. Aaron Rodgers's completion percentage is 68.0 and Weeden's passer rating (!) just edges him out at 68.1. Hell, RGIII is completing over 70% of his passes. That's not a good sign for the ol' rookie.

I'm also taking the Redskins. The Giants looked like the best team in football last week, so they should absolutely get blown out this week. Only makes sense. Plus their pass rush has been just so-so thus far, and I think they won't be able to handle Griffin on the move (i.e. Vick with accuracy).

Sean: There are very few obvious choices here; all the bad teams are playing on the road against other bad teams. I can't wait to hear James Brown say: "let's take you to Titans-Bills and Colts-Browns." Hint, for everyone who wants to add in another bye week and Thursday game, expect to have more and more crappy Sunday early afternoon schedules.

The Packers are my first pick. Aaron Rodgers reminded everyone why he was the MVP last year and I fully expect more of the same. Injuries are piling up, especially on defense, but the team seems to actually have drafted good young players giving the organization some depth. Also, Sam Bradford is heading to JaMarcus Russellville. Say hi to Tim Couch and David Carr for us, Sam.

If there is ever a week to pick the Raiders, it is at home against an East Coast team as crappy as the Jaguars. Again, please no one watch this terrible terrible game. The AFC West is the best argument for getting rid of divisions. Not only does no one want to watch these teams play each other twice a season, but the fact that one of them gets a home playoff game when better teams from the NFC North and East are on the road makes no sense. Peyton Manning is a genius for going to such a crappy division.

Steve: I gotta pick the Browns some week, right? They're playing the Colts in Week 7, so I gotta pick them. This is the game on the Browns' schedule that they are most likely to win. I think that I'll have a few more opportunities to pick the Colts later in the year as they get their feet under them more and more each week, but the Browns aren't as terrible as we've made them out to be (almost though), and they can certainly beat another subpar team like the Colts.

I'm taking the same approach and picking the Raiders. A Jags-Raiders matchup is just too good to pass up for these picks, and I already picked the Jags this year. Plus, the Raiders should beat the Jags, although they're the ultimate 'could beat anyone, could lose to anyone' team, and they have been since the end of the JaMarcus Russell era. But I'm picking them.

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