Sunday, October 28, 2012

Survivor Pool Week 8

Sorry guys, don't have time to flesh this out.

Our records:

Sean: 9-3
Jon: 6-6
Steve: 9-3

Sean: The Jets. They are really really not good. But I think once you cut through all the bluster, Rex Ryan is actually a good coach. This team exacts the most out of its talent, which is one of the best ways to measure a team. The Dolphins are probably just as good, but in a coin flip game, I'd rather take the team with the better coach.

Titans. They are also fucking awful but seem to be clicking a bit on offense. Chris Johnson is feast or famine, but he's been hot lately so maybe they will be able to ride him to another win. Also, Andrew Luck on the road probably isn't a good thing just yet.

Jon: Jon was unable to make his picks in person today, so I, Steve, am serving as a proxy. He's choosing the Chiefs and the Bears. Ehhhhhh.

Steve: I got the mediocre Tennessee Titans over the even worse Colts. Picking against bad teams is a good strategy, I think, from here on out.

I'm also taking the Chargers over the Browns in a similar strategy.

Got these in right at the bell! WHEW!

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