Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Red Sox Traded their Starting Shortstop for a Manager?

So the Red Sox finally rid themselves of Bobby "Mariano Rivera is the best pitcher ever" Valentine. Why the ass did they hire that guy EVEN?

But fine, you got rid of him and now you have a brand new manager. You got your old buddy John Farrell back! He was the pitching coach! Yayyy! But I thought he was under contract with the Blue Jays. What's that? Oh you traded for him? You traded your starting shortstop for him? Hey, quick question: WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?
Now I'm not gonna sit here and say 31-year-old Mike Aviles, he of 76 OPS+ last year, is the most valuable guy in the world. Putting in a stopgap guy like Pedro Ciriaco at short is not gonna exactly sink the Red Sox next year. But Mike Aviles, as bad as he was at the plate for the last, y'know, five months of the season, is a 2 WAR player. He's excellent in the field, and he's good enough to be a starting shortstop. Why would you trade him, your starting shortstop, for a MANAGER? A manager that LOOKS KIND OF LIKE FRASIER CRANE?!

Seriously though. How much better would John Farrell be than, like, DeMarlo Hale? Or Ken Macha? Or Tony Pena? Farrell is a guy that the Red Sox really like, that fans really like, and who is probably a very good manager. But the difference between Farrell and other, equally qualified guys is probably just about right around in the vicinity of negligible. It's just a little startling to me to trade a guy who played 136 games for you last year for a manager.

The Red Sox haven't exactly had a great track record lately with trading shortstops. The Sox had two starting shortstops in 2011: Jed Lowrie and Marco Scutaro. They traded Jed Lowrie to the Astros for Mark Melancon. The 28-year-old Lowrie had a very good year for the Astros, garnering All-Star consideration. Mark Melancon had one of the worst years in the history of years. The Red Sox also traded Marco Scutaro to the Rockies for Clayton Mortensen. Mortensen worked out fine for the Red Sox; he had a decent year out of the pen. But Marco Scutaro, who ended up on the Giants at the trade deadline, just won the fucking NLCS MVP for Christ's sake. STOP TRADING YOUR STARTING SHORTSTOPS FOR RELATIVELY UNIMPORTANT PIECES!

Again, this is not meant to be a defense of Mike Aviles as a super valuable player for the Red Sox. I'm just saying that a 2 WAR shortstop is never worth a manager. Mike Aviles is more valuable than the difference between John Farrell and DeMarlo Hale. It is profoundly stupid for the Red Sox to think otherwise.

P.S. Mike Aviles could have also been a very interesting and valuable piece in my master WILL MIDDLEBROOKS PLUS MANY ASSORTED OTHERS FOR TROY TULOWITZKI TRADE EXTRAVAGANZA THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! If only Ben Cherington had my foresight.

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  1. But you can't get anything out of your shortstop unless the manager writes his name on the lineup card.