Sunday, November 18, 2012

Survivor Pool Week 11: Steve Sucks Edition

No we aren't done. Yes, this is really hard. Shut up we don't put this out seconds before kickoff every week.

Remember who Jon picked last week? 

Sean: 12-6
Steve: 12-6
Jon: 9-9

Sean: The Cowboys are really bad in September, October, and December, BUTTTT they somehow are good enough in November. This is great because it means they always get close to the playoffs but never ever ever come through. But last time I checked it was November and the Cowboys are beating the Browns.

The Redskins have sort of fallen off because they are poorly coached, have injuries, and generally don't have much talent, especially on defense. However, they are still better than the soon to be extinct Philadelphia Eagles. It would be a bald (eagle) faced lie to say that the Eagles have any chance of winning. The Eagles are puny and I'm punny, Redskins win.

Jon: First of all, fuck ties. Fuck them so hard. Also, I'm not going to give my analysis of these games because clearly my reasoning doesn't matter. Instead, I'll write a terrible joke that tangentially relates to a football team after each.

Buccaneers over Panthers. How are pimps and Cowboys alike? (They both love to throw a ho down.)

Rams over Jets. How do you stop an elephant from Charging? (Take away his credit card!)

Steve: Sorry these are so late. It's my fault. I suck.

Saints over Raiders, because the Who Dats are getting better, and the Raiders are not.

Steelers over Ravens for similar but not identical reasons.

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