Sunday, November 4, 2012

Survivor Pool Week 9

Our records:
Sean: 9-5
Jon: 7-7
Steve: 9-5

Maybe this is just a little bit harder than we thought. Good news is that none of us are below .500. Basically, if we were in the AFC, we could  be the #4 seed. So there's that. And there's also our picks.

Sean: Ravens. All the talk of the Bengals winning this division is really fucking stupid. The Ravens and Steelers are certainly worse than they used to be, but the Browns are the second worst team in football (sorry Chiefs fans, of which there are many who read this blog regularly).

Eagles. If there was ever a week to have faith in Michael Vick, this probably isn't it. But the Saints are really bad at defense and the Eagles are actually good at defense. Andy Reid is just good enough to not get fired and this year will be no different.

Jon: I'm also going to take the Ravens. They can't seem to stop anybody's run game so Trent Richardson of Cleveland should have a great game, but I can't see Brandon Weeden picking apart this Ravens secondary, no matter how dinged up they are.

I'm also taking the Dolphins. They're weirdly sort of the bizarro-Colts, the team they're facing, in that the Dolphins have a good amount of talent and drafted a quarterback everyone assumed was going to struggle. The Colts have very little talent, maybe the least in the league, but drafted one of the ultimate "can't miss" prospects of the last decade (this doesn't mean RGIII wasn't also "can't miss," by the way). Ultimately, I trust more in the Dolphins' overall talent than the Colts' advantage at quarterback.

Steve: Picking the Ravens is too obvious not to do. Coming off a bye week and playing a bad team. They're also set to get worse as the season wears on, so I better get that pick in while I can.

I'm also going Broncos over Bengals. That seems like the next best matchup to pick. Right? I don't have to analyze everything for you people.

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