Saturday, December 8, 2012

Congratulations Jon

Last week, Jon wrote a deeply personal and incredible essay about the connection between sports and tragedy on what would have been his brother Baki's 20th birthday. Baki was an incredible athlete and Jon wrote poignantly about how and why sports matter in the aftermath of tragedies. This article quickly became the most read post we've ever on The Whole 42 Minutes and deservedly so. One of the central themes to this blog is how we should view players and events, trying to push back against poorly thought out arguments and narratives. Jon's post went well beyond that though and got to the core of why sports matters and why it can be so powerful. He tapped into something that all of us subconsciously feel about sports, this is why we care so much about a silly game, and did it in an incredibly personal manner. Chuck Klosterman wrote piece with a similar thesis this week at Grantland, but it didn't even come close to Jon's piece. To publish this must have taken incredible guts and Jon has been commended for his courage.

Today, Thought Catalog reposted Jon's article. Currently, it is on the front page. This is just the tip of the recognition and reach that this article deserves. If you haven't read his article please do so now and keep reading the blog.

And Jon when you make it big, don't forget that we split everything three ways on this blog.

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