Sunday, December 16, 2012

Suicide Pool Week 15

We're going to miss you, horrible horrible coaches

Sean: 19-7
Steve: 16-10
Jon: 15-11

Steve is hearing footsteps from Jon -- little tiny footsteps creeping up clumsily behind him. Watch out Steve, second place isn't as secure as it was prior to the results of last week's games. You guys suck at picking.

Sean:  The non-Patriots teams in the AFC East are incredibly boring to watch, even when they are half-decent. The Dolphins, Bills, and Jets haven't had a good quarterback between the three of them arguably since Dan Marino died retired. This year is no different: they will get their 6 wins and maybe one of them will knock of the Pats but no one cares. Dolphins over Jaguars in the battle of for AFC Florida!

Cam Newton is ridiculously talented but god damn do the Panthers suck. He is stuck on a bad team that is poorly run, and somehow this gets put on him. The Panthers' situation makes the Shanahan/Snyder combo for RGIII seem like a well-run organization. This is also the end of Norv Turner's career, boo fucking hoo you were and will always be terrible. Panthers over Chargers in a ridiculous game. I'm predicting 80 points between the 2 teams.

Steve: The Falcons let me down, the Ravens let me down...I shouldn't have saved all the good teams for the end. This is just depressing.

I still have to pick the Jets, and this is as good a week as any to pick them. They "have something to play for," monkeyfarting their way to 6-7 with a chance to sneak into the playoffs if they win out. I'll be okay with it if they beat the Titans this week, but they just gotta lose one of the last two games. Is that so much to ask?

Also, gotta pick the Seahawks, and they too have a lot to play for against a Bills team that's taking the definition of "sub-mediocre" to new and exciting places. As always, WIN, TEAMS! WWWWIIIIIIINNNNNNNN

Jon: Ehhhhhhh, Panthers over Chargers and Cardinals over Lions. Gotta pick the Cardinals at some point. They suck so much. So do I at picking games.

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