Sunday, December 9, 2012

Survivor Pool Week 14
Owie! My biceps!

This is the time of year in a survivor pool that separates the boys from the men. Or the women from the girls. Whatever.

Sean: 18-6
Steve: 16-8 (GD Ravens)
Jon: 13-11

Sean: Colts over the Titans. The Titans are just stuck in the middle of the pack, never really bad enough to get a top pick like Luck or Griffin but also never good enough to get into the playoffs. They are a lock for 6-10 every single year. There's really nothing to like about their team; even when they were good they were boring. Eddie George and Steve McNair just grinded game after game out and Jeff Fisher was never good.

Tampa over the Eagles. Andy Reid and Norv Turner have been so bad at their jobs that, despite moderate success in the past, it is clear they are still just awful. The NFL is full of these kind of coaches--Wade Phillips, Marty Schottenheimer, and Mike Sherman spring to mind. The ridiculous part about it is that at some point, these guys will get control over another NFL team. Some owner is so out of touch that they will think that despite all the evidence to the contrary, these coaches can be successful. Was there one awful awful coach who won and made everyone think that anyone could win? The NFL makes no sense sometimes.

Jon: I'm pretty well mailing this in at this point. Let's go with the Jets over the Jaguars and the Browns over the Chiefs.

Steve: I got the Chiefs over the Browns because I've picked the Browns already. Fine.

I gotta pick my surefire teams before they start mailing it in at the end of the season, so I gotta get Falcons over Panthers. WIN, TEAMS, WIN!

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