Sunday, December 23, 2012

Survivor Pool Week 16

It has finally happened. After weeks and weeks of crawling out of a 1-7 hole (and also pretty flagrantly mailing in this segment), Jon is now in a tie for second place with Steve. Second place also happens to be last place, but we're not here to argue semantics. Steve's showing some Andy Reid-esque picking skills as we get down to the end of the season. He has much better teams remaining, but let's see how much good that does him. Probably a lot.

Our records:

Sean: 21-7
Steve: 17-11
Jon: 17-11

Sean: Sean sucks and didn't get his picks in on time. He's got the Broncos and the Chiefs. Thanks Sean.

Steve: Awful. I can't believe I'm tied with GD Muchin. 17-11? How is that even possible? You can't be that bad. You should probably not even read this blog because we clearly know nothing about sports. But please read the blog though.

This week I got the Packers over the Titans. WIN! And then I got the Eagles over the Redskins. I should've picked the Eagles in like Week 1. But RGIII won't be 100%, so maybe that'll be enough?

Jon: I don't really know how to handle this news that I'm just tied for the worst, and not outright the worst. I hope it doesn't go to my head. This week I'm picking the Rams over the fast-fading Buccaneers and the Chargers over the New York McElroys.

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