Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Everybody Shut Up About 'Melo And KG

Hey Sean and Steve and everybody else making this a story: shut the fuck up about this dust-up between KG and 'Melo.

(Ironic that you keep blaming the media for making this a thing when all the players are laughing it off. YOU GUYS BOTH WROTE ABOUT IT!)

They had just played a hard-fought game, in which Anthony stunk and KG got under his skin. The Celtics, playing without Rajon Rondo because Danny Ferry is a snitch, beat the Knicks, further infuriating Anthony. Then they yelled at each other after the game.

They didn't pull knives on each other. No one threw a punch or really came close as far as we know. Amar'e didn't punch a fire extinguisher. Paul Pierce didn't require a wheelchair. 'Sheed didn't hotbox the Celtics' bus. Legitimately crazy J.R. Smith didn't do anything legitimately crazy. In fact, NOTHING happened.

KG is a fake tough guy. So is Carmelo Anthony. Sean is right that KG's shtick is wearing thin, but it's also effective, and he got to Carmelo. He goes over the line sometimes, and precedent does matter - after all, Rondo got suspended for lightly bumping an official - but Garnett didn't go over the line last night. He was his usual nasty, crazy, bitching self (in that regard, Steve is right, too).

This "fight" was some WWE-style shit, just posturing for the sake of posturing. Nobody was actually going to fight anybody else. This is not a story.

So shut the fuck up. Now.


  1. Melo totally was just going to talk to him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd66Vfz1rtU