Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Melo Trying to Start a Fight is KG's Fault?

So Carmelo Anthony went after KG after last night's Celtics win in Madison Square Garden. Anthony and Garnett often found each other matched up during the game, and got into a war of words that led to a double technical foul (albeit a really stupid double technical). They were going at it more and more as the game went on, and Melo didn't like the fact that KG a) was trash talking him? and b) KG made him play defense?

Carmelo Anthony Kevin Garnett
Actually looks kinda nice

Whatever KG did during the game certainly didn't seem to warrant this kind of reaction from Melo. This is what occurred that led up to the double technical:

Seems like a good amount of pushing and shoving, stuff that could have been called a foul but wasn't. It doesn't really seem like one player was being dirtier than the other. It looks like a battle for position that went further than it's normally allowed to go. That's nothing to get all excited about if you're KG or Melo.

Has KG gone too far in recent years on different occasions? No question about it. Dick-punching Channing Frye was ridiculous. Calling Charlie Villanueva a cancer patient was way out of bounds. But during last night's game, I really don't think anything Garnett did was really so bad. In fact, I thought that, if anything, Melo was doing more in the way of overstepping boundaries than Garnett was. So nothing about the physicality of their matchup should warrant that type of reaction from Melo. But I think the physicality, and the fact that the refs were essentially letting them play, got to Melo to a large degree, and the fact that the Knicks lost the game compounded that frustration.

Maybe KG said something really nasty, like insulting Carmelo's lovely wife and Think Like a Man star La La Vazquez Anthony. All we know, however, is that Melo did something really stupid by waiting for KG after the game. As much as KG may be a mean-mugging fake tough guy on the court at times, this is the ultimate mean-mugging fake tough guy move. To "go after" an opposing player after the game, with millions of security guards and cameras around making sure nothing happens, is pretty babyish. Melo had a bad game, got pushed around, got trashed talked to, had 5 fouls plus a technical, and lost a tough game at home to a .500 team that was missing its best player. You gotta take your licks as an NBA player and move on, not put on a childish fake tough display after the game. Melo's actions have nothing to do with KG dick-punching Channing Frye. The takeaway from this episode is not, as some Knicks fans might have you believe, that KG once called Charlie Villanueva a cancer patient. It's that Carmelo Anthony acted like a baby.

In the wake of this episode, I can say that KG may or may not have overstepped some line in trash talking, but Carmelo definitely overstepped a line in a really odd, immature, and fake way. As far as we know, KG did nothing wrong, except maybe hurt Carmelo Anthony's feelings weelings. And as we all know:

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