Saturday, February 9, 2013

February is the Goddamn worst

Oh great, here's a month that gives you nothing but middle season NBA shit, pre-Madness college basketball, and the latest on the Michael Bourn sweepstakes. Every single year we go through this same charade and nothing ever changes. This is like that Bill Murray movie where nothing ever changes (Garfield). How is it that in June we get the World Cup, NBA Finals, baseball, and the French Open? Who the hell decided not to split things up in a way that doesn't make me sit at home freezing? Oh good, I'll flip to ESPN and watch Northwestern and Iowa play "basketball."

Thank god this is the shortest month of the year because it is the worst. Nothing good has ever happened in February. Oh goody, instead of watching great sports I can watch the Skills Challenge and celebrate Valentine's Day.

Here's a simple idea: move the Australian Open to February, move a golf major to February, and let the NBA pick the contestants for the dunk contest (brought to you by Sprite [obey your thirst]). This might not solve all our problems but it will do something to make February suck a little less. Good news is, the days are short and it is really cold.

Fuck you sports and fuck you February.

Petterson out.

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