Friday, March 1, 2013

A Million Is a LOT

I've been playing with this new app called Tamago. Tamago is Japanese for "egg." The point of this app is simple: tap the egg one million times.

I started this app yesterday to try to understand how much one million really is. It's a mind-boggling amount. I figured out that I tap the egg 100 times in about 18 seconds. This means that it will take approximately 50 man hours to complete the app. That's a lot of hours.

So when we talk about a million in sports, let's remember that a million is an incomprehensible amount of anything. A below-average NFL player makes that many dollars in a year. Crazy.

This post really doesn't have a point AT ALL. Just that a million is a lot. Like, if you win Chopped, you get $10,000. That's 1% of a million. Nuts.

I promise we'll have a better post tomorrow.

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