Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goodbye and Thanks for the Memories

This baseball off-season brought a sad end to the career of Chipper Jones, but it is also marking the end for several players of his era. These are the players that I grew up with, and I will always cherish their memory. I don't usually write about opposing players, but honestly, some players go above the fray and deserve the respect of all 30 fan bases. They gave us moments we'll never forget, on big stages, with grace, courage, and humility. There have been recent rumors of a certain player announcing his impending retirement, and today, I'll take off my Braves hat and show love for a true inspiration.

By now, we all know who I'm talking about. I think that all baseball fans should recognize his importance to the game. His 49.4 FanGraphs WAR stands 115th all-time for pitchers, a remarkable feat considering the natural obstacles he faced. His career is filled with postseason greatness, leading his teams to pennants and being a dominant force when it mattered most.

I've got nothing but love for this man, a man of deep faith and character even at the lowest moments of his career. Today, my hat is off to you.

Thank you, Kevin Millwood.

What, who'd you think I was talking about?

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