Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Sandy Koufax and Vin Scully Talking About Pitching

Hey you, reading this blog. Check out this video of Vin Scully interviewing Sandy Koufax. It'll make your day. (Apologies we can't embed it here). Sandy and Vin are both national treasures, and they're talking about pitching and just being generally awesome and oh dear God I wish I could hang out and talk about pitching and drink Arnold Palmers with them. I bet Vin keeps mints in his pockets and gives them to the Dodgers ball boys when they bring him a glass of water. And Sandy obviously smells like Bengay since his career was cut short due to arthritis but I'd totally overlook that just to get to talk with them. Maybe we could talk about timeshares or something.

Vin is the only announcer I'll go out of my way to listen to and one of the hidden perks of having MLBtv. He calls it like it is and he calls games by himself, and sometimes he pretends to lipread managers saying profane things and it's wonderful. He also occasionally talks about Twitter, and clearly doesn't get it.

Oh and this.

Sandy's great, too. He's Jewish. Who knew?

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