Sunday, March 3, 2013

We Can All Stop Watching Now

LeBron James and the Heat are going to win their second straight championship--the rest of the season will just be 29 inferior teams playing out a formality. This afternoon, LeBron James played in 3rd gear for three quarters, and then he tried. Carmelo Anthony, the league's second leading scorer, couldn't even get the ball with James on him. Earlier in the fourth, James made back-to-back threes and Jeff Van Gundy rightly said, he no longer has any holes in his game. James can do whatever he wants whenever he wants and he does it without breaking a sweat. James punctuated his dominant performance with a dunk from just inside the free throw line on a breakaway and Melo's expression said it all--no matter what I do, this guy will always be better.

As a Knicks fan, I want to believe that the Heat are fallible but the truth is, I know they aren't. The 2011 Mavericks beat a Heat team that was just figuring out how the hell to play together and they did it by executing and shooting at a level that no team has done since. Wade and Bosh are important, but honestly, James could win it without one of them. He's dominated the league all season long despite keeping it in a lower regular season gear and come May and June he'll take it up a notch.

In February's All-Star game, Kobe Bryant made a nice defensive play blocking James' jumper in a moment that announcers said showed how the old guy still had it or how he was super competitive no matter the situation. I saw the moment differently from whatever contrived narrative others choose. James couldn't have cared less. Kobe isn't a rival, Carmelo isn't a rival and isn't getting the ball, Durant isn't a rival--it is LeBron's league and he's comfortable letting others get the spotlight briefly. LeBron is going to win the MVP, win a second championship, and take his game into another gear for the playoffs.

Usually I'd say something snarky here as a Knicks fan or just a hater in general, but I have nothing. LeBron's game is so impressive that I have nothing bad to say--which is probably the best compliment I can give him.

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