Friday, June 21, 2013

Why Max Contracts Need to Go

The Heat won their second straight title last night, eking out a series against the old-ass Spurs in which they did not lead until after Game 7. LeBron James was the MVP of the league this year, and he was the MVP of the Finals. And as the Heat celebrated their championship (very much deserved, I might add), all I could think of was this: Joe Johnson makes more money than LeBron James. Max contracts are really stupid.

If you'd like to read the basic rules for max contracts under the NBA CBA, you can read them here. Essentially, these rules limit the amount of money that individual players can earn. Players with LeBron James's experience level when he signed his contract with Miami in 2010 can earn 30% of the salary cap, or about $17.5 million. LeBron James made $17.5 million this year, and Joe Johnson made $19.8 million. In fact, 9 active players made as much as or more than LeBron this year. LeBron is currently not really able to negotiate for a higher salary than what he earns from the Heat, which means Pau Gasol and Amar'e Stoudemire make more than he does.*

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ten Predictions for Game 7

In the words of Zaza Pachulia: "We going to Game 7 baby!" At some point in every game, I've lost my shit at how good these guys are playing. Game 6 deserves its own blog and there's still another game tonight. So, in lieu of us writing nothing about this series so far (although I did predict this finals sort of), I'll give ten quick predictions for tonight.

Funniest face (non-Bosh division) goes to Danny Green, then LeBron,
then Kawhi for cracking his smile.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meeting Big Daddy Drew: An Account

Readers of this blog probably know that we three bloggers are all quite fond of a particular sports writer. Drew Magary, writer for Deadspin, correspondent for GQ, and published author three times over is our inspiration, our guiding light, and our hero. Last week, two of us met him.

Quite the poster