Monday, July 1, 2013


I'm very sad about Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett being traded.

Paul Pierce is currently and probably will always be my favorite basketball player ever by default. He was drafted in 1998, and he, along with Antoine Walker and Ron Mercer, were the future of the Celtics. Paul Pierce, in my completely biased opinion, was a top-5 or even a top-3 player in the NBA for a year or two at his peak. When the Celtics won the championship in 2008, I was exuberantly happy for Paul Pierce. He was a guy who stuck it through awful Celtics years and truly indefensible management decisions. It's a miracle that Rick Pitino didn't trade him halfway through his first year, like he had done with his first-round pick the previous year.*

Anyway, though Pierce wasn't always the most content player in Boston, he was always someone you could look to on the team to lead on the court. He was the face of the franchise through one of the franchise's worst times, and I give him a lot of credit for that. I don't know if I would have liked him as a player had he played for any other team, but as a Celtic, he's a GD hero. It's gonna be really weird and sad to see him in a different uniform.

As for KG, he's the man that brought a championship to Boston. He was also my favorite non-Celtics player before he came to the Celtics. No BS. Ask my 8th grade history class. We had to do a presentation on a sport, and I did one on my favorite NBA players, and the person I talked about as my favorite and the one I thought was the best was KG. ASK MY 8TH GRADE HISTORY CLASS IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME! I'm sure they remember.

Brooklyn, through this trade, is very improved, though they're still not a championship team. KG will play only 25-28 minutes per game, and Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson are very similar players who will take a lot of time to adjust to each other. D-Will is a good player but not even close to what he was, and neither Brook Lopez nor KG can rebound at all.

Anyway, seeing Paul Pierce and KG in BK next year will suck. It's probably (though not necessarily) the right decision for the Celtics moving forward, but it still sucks. I was really hoping that Paul Pierce would stay a Celtic forever. Sucks.

Just wait for the post when Tom Brady changes teams. No no no no no it's not gonna happen it's not gonna happen. Please God tell me it's not gonna happen.

*Can we just revisit that for a second? Rick Pitino drafted Chauncey Billups 3rd overall in the 1997 draft and traded him 51 games through his first year. They basically traded Chauncey Billups for Kenny Anderson. 51 games into his NBA career. They traded the 3rd overall pick. For Kenny Anderson.

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