Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Richard Sherman is actually a dick though

There's been plenty of coverage about Richard Sherman's post-game interview with Erin Andrews. Richard Sherman is black, talented, and arrogant, and people have said racist things about him. However, let's not forget one thing: Richard Sherman is an arrogant asshole, and I don't have to like him.

Many members of the mainstream media were disappointed, outraged, or upset by Richard Sherman's outburst with Erin Andrews after the NFC Championship Game. They said that it showed bad sportsmanship (he was called for unsportsmanlike conduct for taunting Michael Crabtree), winning without grace, and unsavory self-aggrandizement. None of these are false. They just don't matter. Richard Sherman has no obligation to be sportsmanlike, or graceful, or humble because he's a football player, and professional athletes are held to a "higher standard." If you're holding pro athletes to a "higher standard," you're a naive idiot.

And of course, it goes without saying, if you said something racist about Richard Sherman, you're racist. Fans and Americans being racist is not news, however. Any time a black athlete does anything, there's going to be a faction of Americans that expresses racist feelings. And indeed, many times, members of the media will say things that are implicitly, though not overtly, racist. For instance, those who said that Erin Andrews should have been scared during her interaction with Richard Sherman (and those who said she looked scared, which she really did not) are not being overtly racist, but there's certainly some racism in there.

As soon as Richard Sherman said that he was the best corner in the game, you had to know that those two reactions would come out. But in the age of the blogosphere, there's a third reaction. There will be those who say that what Richard Sherman did was so great, he's now everyone's favorite player, and you have to like him because he's so raw and real. This, at its core, is a contrarian reaction the first two sets of reactions. These people claim to find Richard Sherman endlessly entertaining, and claim that the normally sanitized nature of post-game interviews renders Richard Sherman admirable and lovable. I'm here to share my reaction, which falls into none of these categories.

Richard Sherman is not held to a higher standard because he's a professional athlete. He can say whatever he wants. He doesn't owe anything to the game of football, to its history, or to THE CHILDREN. But I also don't owe him anything. He came off as a total prick, an arrogant douchebag, and a showboating asshole, and I don't like him.

How entertaining is that post-game interview really? Can you seriously be that entertained by someone being candid and off-the-cuff for 2 seconds? I guess it's kind of entertaining in a way. It's entertaining in the way that people find shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills entertaining. He said something that was unexpected, candid, and confrontational. Great. I'm not exactly laughing my ass off or CAPTIVATED. If you are, that's fine, but I'm not. I kind of don't get why it's soooooooo entertaining, and now Richard Sherman is your favorite player.

In life, I generally find people who are arrogant, self-aggrandizing, and disparaging to be annoying and obnoxious. Why should I like Richard Sherman when he displays all of these characteristics? I don't like other people or athletes that display these. I don't love Kanye West because he's arrogant. I like his music, sure. I'm not a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow or Justin Bieber or Kobe Bryant because they have these characteristics. Why should I be expected to like Richard Sherman all of a sudden? He's been playing great the past couple of seasons (he may actually be the best corner in the game), and I can appreciate that, but he's such a dick.

I don't dislike Richard Sherman because he's a disgrace to football, or to his team, or anything like that. I dislike him because he's an asshole, and I dislike assholes. Getting up in Michael Crabtree's face after that defended pass was such a dick move. Why should I like someone who did that? Because it's unusual? Cool...

But according to some circles of the blogosphere, if you think Charles Ramsey is funny, you're a racist. If you find Richard Sherman obnoxious, you're a racist. But Charles Ramsey is objectively funny, and Richard Sherman is objectively obnoxious. Richard Sherman can do whatever he wants, and that's fine. I don't have to like it just because racists are racist and the mainstream sports media is stupid.


  1. OK, so, you know NOTHING about the game of football. That's all you really make clear in your article. Your entire premise for disliking the guy is based off of your very uninformed interpretation of what you THINK you see happening on the field as you watch from your couch. I'm not blowing smoke, I'm not talking smack, nor am I providing an opinion. I've given you FACTS. If you think R.S. is a "dick" because of what you perceive to be happening on TV, you're literally CLUELESS about what actually goes down on a football field (practice more so than games even).

    1. Richard Sherman is a straight up a-hole and people who defend him must have his characteristics that's the only reason they relate to him and like him

  2. Oh, I see, there's another "hidden side" to this piece of crap. If so, why is it "hidden"?
    Sherman is rude, arrogant, and PHONY. A "Communications major" at STANFORD? I detect a sham curriculum. The man had GOOD PARENTS in a really bad neighborhood, and people at Stanford thought he was an ass, too. And he WAS. And IS.

  3. Oh, I see, there's another "hidden side" to this piece of crap. If so, why is it "hidden"?
    Sherman is rude, arrogant, and PHONY. A "Communications major" at STANFORD? I detect a sham curriculum. The man had GOOD PARENTS in a really bad neighborhood, and people at Stanford thought he was an ass, too. And he WAS. And IS.