Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NFL and Roger Goodell: Idiots who are Full of Shit

The video of Ray Rice knocking out his fiancee in an elevator, something we already knew happened, was released a few days ago. The NFL and the Baltimore Ravens came down hard on Ray Rice. There's a lot of talk out there about how there must have been a cover-up and how the NFL must have seen the tape before. This piece by Deadspin's Drew Magary makes a pretty strong hypothetical case for why the NFL must have seen the tape before a couple of days ago. Drew's last bullet point, however, is causing me the most confusion: we didn't need the tape to know what happened.

Ray Rice got into an elevator alone with his conscious fiancee and exited that same elevator alone dragging his unconscious fiancee. We know that Ray Rice knocked her out. I'm not a detective, but I'm also not an idiot. We've known that since February. That's why people were up in arms about the ridiculous two-game suspension the NFL handed down. That's why we've been talking about this this whole time. It's not like the tape brought us any new information. If you put quarters into a vending machine and a soda comes out, you don't need a video of the coins activating the device to know that it worked. The video just showed us what Ray Rice knocking out his wife actually looked like.

So why all of a sudden is this treated as something else? Why is now the time when the league hands down an appropriate suspension and the Ravens cut Ray Rice? The Ravens liked Ray Rice when they knew that he knocked out his fiancee. Now they've seen the knocking out and they don't like him so much anymore.

Obviously, this is the NFL and the Ravens using a made-up excuse to right the wrongs they perpetrated in this case in the first place. Whether they actually saw the video before or not (they did), they knew what happened. There's no way to dress this up as new information. It's old information presented in another way, and the NFL is trying to trick us into thinking it's doing the right thing because now they know more information. They don't. They're just idiots who think we're also idiots.

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