Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Correct Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

All this Ferguson stuff is making me sick, so let's take our minds off that for a second with some sports. A couple of years ago, when no one was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, we were upset. Last year, by failing to vote in "Hall of Very Good" pitcher Jack Morris, the voters made up for their 2012 debacle a little bit. JUST A LITTLE THOUGH. Here at The Whole 42 Minutes, we take the Baseball Hall of Fame very seriously for some reason. So to follow up on that last linked post -- Sean's logical HOF ballot from 2012 -- I'm doing the 2014 edition. The candidates were just released, and here they are.

Side note before we begin: Kenny Lofton, someone who I publicly believed should be in the Hall of Fame, is no longer even on the ballot because he didn't receive 5% of the voters' votes. That's a shame. I'll always remember you, Kenny.

First-timers who deserve a spot

Randy Johnson: Randy Johnson has a legitimate case for the Mount Rushmore of pitchers. He's either the 4th- or 5th-best pitcher ever on my list. 303 wins, 5 Cy Youngs, 2nd-most strikeouts ever, and a 75 ERA- over a 22-year career. Also a World Series MVP in 2001, for what that's worth (something!). He's the definition of a first-ballot HOFer.